Tie Dyeing

I have been tie dyeing since about 1980, with friends, then, in 1987 (maybe '86) started using Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes from a company called Brooks & Flynn.

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I started felting a couple of years ago, and I love it! I enjoy making all sorts of felted things! Wet felting hats is one of my all time favorite things to do~

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Sewing & Fashion

I worked with & learned from a wonderful woman in the fashion industry form several years and I rarely wear anything that I didn't make anymore! (Or Suzanne VanSickle might have made it)

I also use techniques learned from her to make hats!

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I also like to make trash into ART!

My friend Lisa got me started working with large art installations at a well known music festival where we live, and I have been creating things ever since!



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